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Siding Your Home

Siding Your Home: Make the Right Choice

Siding Your Home

The siding on your home should be aesthetically pleasing and offer an effective layer of protection against the elements. 

Beyond that, the team you choose to install it should offer expert joinery to ensure moisture and other elements can't seep in to affect the environment inside the home.

RYCO Construction has extensive experience with joinery, and we've seen and worked with virtually every type of siding available. 

We can help you decide on the right type, and walk you through implementation for any of the following:

Vinyl Siding

According to the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI), shipments of vinyl have started going back up. 

From 2013-2016 — the last year of reporting data available — the industry experienced a 7.2% uptick in the number of squares shipped with 19.1 million squares.

However, this is down significantly from the all-time high of over 41 million squares in 2004. 

That's because more types of siding have been introduced in recent years. Still, vinyl is a dependable material that gets the job done, and we have 20+ years of experience using it.

Imitation Brick or Stone

Also referred to as "brick veneer" or "stone veneer," these siding types can transform a drab-looking exterior into a real showplace. 

The materials used for this type of siding can vary, though shiplap is one of the more popular. 

Imitation brick or stone consists of interlocking joints and is easy to put together in theory, but when trusting it with your home, you want a qualified professional skilled at reinforcing joints and providing airtight protection.  


Wood siding can provide a classy and sophisticated look to your home. It also comes in a variety of wood types, colors, and styles. 

And while the cost is extremely affordable, do be mindful of the few drawbacks. For example, it can break down quicker than other forms of siding, and it lacks proper insulation. 
(NOTE: Maybe do a blog post on advantages and disadvantages of wood siding.) 

We can provide an expert installation to ensure your wood siding lasts for many years to come.


Use of metal siding is on the rise because of one word: durability. 

Metal siding deters termites and other damaging insects. It is fire-resistant and considered low maintenance. And over the last few years, it has become easier on the eyes and more aesthetically versatile. 

You Name It

These are just some of the major examples of siding we offer at RYCO Construction. 

Whether you need to redo the siding on an existing home or finish your dream home in style, we're here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.