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Door and Window Replacement

Installing replacement doors and windows may not be at the top of your priority list for remodeling projects, but if you've been living with your current fixtures for several years, it is time to reconsider. 

Of course, you have a ton of options with brand names like Andersen, Integrity from Marvin, Pella, TriBuilt, Simonton and Viwinco to name a few. 

RYCO Construction works with all brands, and we help homeowners and businesses determine the best selections based on several important criteria. When deciding whether a replacement doors and windows project is right for you, here are the influencing factors deserving of your attention. 

Energy efficiency

One of the most significant advantages replacing your doors and windows can provide is cost savings. Replacing your old double-paned windows, for example, can save as much as $111 per year, per window. If you have ten windows in your home, that's $1,110 in savings annually. You'll save exponentially more than that if going to Energy Star from single-panes. 

Noise Reduction

You may not realize it, but windows and doors can play an enormously beneficial role in keeping the sounds of the great outdoors from drifting indoors. Listen to music, watch movies, or just converse as a family without allowing every rumble and siren into your home. 

Weather Protection

Notice any moisture seeping through to windowsills after a hard rain? If your home still has single-paned windows or double-paned windows beyond their useful life expectancy, this is pretty likely. By installing replacement windows and doors, you can keep the elements out and your home safe and dry.


Properly working doors and windows will serve as a deterrent to intruders while allowing for safe operation in the event of a fire or other emergency that might require you to exit your home quickly. 


Tying back into energy efficiency, when your home or office has quality windows and doors in place, the environment will be a more comfortable one in which to live and work. You will be able to keep falling temperatures outside during winter months while trapping coolness during the summer.

As you delve further into your home renovation project, do not overlook the value that replacement doors and windows can bring to your home. They help you pinch pennies, provide comfort, and can even save lives. If you would like to know more or you are ready to move forward with your replacements, please contact us through email, online submission, or phone today.