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Deck and Patio

Do You Have the Right Installation Team in Place?

Deck and Patio Installations

A decking or patio installation can enhance the living area of your home by giving you and your guests a cozy place outdoors to relax and enjoy one another's company.  Since much of RYCO Construction’s work is done in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, it’s something we’re called upon to do ….time and time again.

Of course, these add-ons also come with varying degrees of upkeep — depending on materials used — so you'll want to get educated before making selections.

At RYCO Construction, we sit down with each client and go through the pros and cons of the material type in question. We also offer competitive pricing across all budgets. 

Here are just a few of the things we cover in your free consultation. 

Deck or Patio Materials

Popular choices include plastics and composites, concrete, sandstone, and various types of natural wood, as well as pressure-treated woods (PT). 
Cost Factors

Each of the deck or patio material types bring with them their own unique advantages and challenges. 

We try to make sure that you're not only informed about the tremendous qualities of these products, but also the ongoing costs.

Take PT, for instance. This is a highly affordable material that, if properly treated, can last for years. However, the chemicals used in pre-treatment often make it difficult to dispose of when it goes bad, and it can be prone to corrosion if you don't use galvanized fasteners.

Natural wood also can be an excellent choice as some of the more popular wood types — cedar and bamboo — can run anywhere from $3 to $4 per square foot. 

That said, cedar needs to be cleaned and stained annually or at least every two years, while bamboo requires annual sealant.

Other cost factors outside of materials might be grading or beveling of the land in order to get the final product even, and taxes and insurance. 

Installation Planning

How large do you want your deck or patio to be? What factors are involved in the actual construction? What bells and whistles do you wish to add to the finished product?

Customers of ours have chosen things like: 

Decorative or safety lighting
Mist systems
Patio enclosures
Custom built-in furnishings

What Does Your Deck or Patio Look Like? 

If you can dream it, we can do it. On the other hand, if you need some help choosing a design you can fall in love with, we have experience there, too. 

Ready to discuss? 

We welcome you to contact us by phone, email, or online submission form at your earliest convenience.