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Custom Cabinet Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

Custom Cabinets

A custom cabinet installation, when done right, exudes class and sophistication. It's not something that has to be confined to the bathroom or kitchen either. Virtually any room can benefit from a dash of cabinetry, as can cabanas and outdoor living areas.   And, if you’re looking to install cabana cabinets, RYCO Construction is here to help.  (NOTE: Maybe link back to those subsections here.) 

Here at RYCO Construction, we've initiated a lot of clever ideas when it comes to custom cabinet orders and put them into action. The following ingenious ideas are some of our favorites. Get ready to have your mind blown. 

The Artie Cabinet from Judson Beaumont

This post could easily turn into the Judson Beaumont Show if we let it. While the mind behind STRAIGHT LINE DESIGNS INC. is nothing short of genius and could populate a list like this on his own, we'll keep our selections to just one — his "Artie" design that looks like it spilled off the set of WALL-E. 

36E8 Line from Lago

The Italian craftsmanship behind Lago's 36E8 designs makes use of hovering pixellation to maximize floor space. They combine open-air and closed-door shelving into their custom cabinet patterns for a feeling reminiscent of early Tetris but with a sleek and colorful modern look. 

The Terranos Cabinet from Jack Frost Design

This amazing design switches back and forth in reminding us of firewood stacks and honeycomb. It is crafted by the folks at Jack Frost Design from walnut and makes efficient use of geometry to deliver something that is both functional and a showpiece.

The Wave Cabinet from ErraZuriz

New York-based designer ErraZuriz isn't a fan of doors, and it shows in his Wave Cabinet, which, nevertheless, proves to be as storage-ready and protective as it is jaw-dropping design. 

The cabinet — first featured on The Kids Should See This — is comprised of around 100 wooden slats. Each one lifts up to open the cabinet and make storage space readily accessible. 

The opening procedure creates a "rolling wave" motion from whichever part of the cabinet you choose to enter.

Corner Drawers, Various

One problem that plagues cabinets of all types — standard, semi-custom, and custom — is that of the adjacent corner doors. The banging together, the narrow ridge of wood separating the two and limiting access … it's a lot to take.

Fortunately, some crafty designers have devised workarounds in the form of corner drawers like those pictured here by Faith Durand. Corner drawers look like two separate drawers, but they form together as one, allowing the homeowner to instantly glance at the contents inside.

Are you into bizarre custom cabinets, or would you rather something more traditional? Regardless of taste, RYCO Construction has over 20 years of experience in this area, and we welcome you to reach out with your ideas by phone, email, or online submission form for a free quote.