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Stopping Attic Issues Before They Start: How Do We Do It?

Attic Renovation

The attic of your home usually goes unnoticed unless a) there's a problem, or b) you need a place to stuff the Christmas tree until the holidays are near.

However, while you may not have your attic front and center, it's still an essential feature of any home. 

At RYCO Construction, we don't believe in glossing over this all-important space. That's because doing so could lead to significant (and costly) housing issues. Truth be told, you could be looking at massive expenses related to:

Mold Growth

Improper ventilation in an attic leads to moisture buildup, and excessive moisture is a breeding ground for the spread of mold. 

How big of a problem that becomes can vary. Costs range anywhere from $500-$6,000, and, unfortunately, it's usually closer to the second one. So, it just makes sense to do something before the problem comes with the heaviest of price tags.

What's worse, many insurers don't cover mold removal costs, or they will only do so if the homeowner can prove that he or she took every preventative measure possible. 

Wood Decay

Another problem of excessive moisture getting into your attic is, unfortunately, wood rot. 

Water damages wood, and when the wood in your attic starts to feel the effects, it can compromise your entire roof. A roofing replacement can cost $8,000 or more, depending on size.

Ensuring Proper Airflow

Of course, moisture problems in an attic often are the result of improper air flow. 

Working with RYCO Construction, you can address this problem before it becomes an issue.

See, part of any construction project involves sealing off entryways to keep out the elements. However, it also comes with an ancillary benefit.

Keeping Pests Out

Spiders, mice, squirrels, bats — who wants any of those critters living in their homes and insulation? We certainly don't, and that's why proper sealing is a big part of what we do. 

We use best practices for keeping pests out of your home, checking for vulnerabilities internally and externally before signing off on a project.

Living Space Conversion

One of the best ways to keep the elements and creatures of the night out of your attic is to convert it into living space. 

Many of our customers enjoy having a room to "get away from it all," or a place to host special company during the holidays. 

The attic works nicely for either purpose.

We're Here for You

Whatever your attic needs, RYCO Construction has the skill and experience to deliver. 

If you need expert eyes to evaluate your attic for issues or you're looking to add or improve the existing structure, contact us today for a free consultation.